Bacon Products

Bacon Products

Here at Gainsborough Chilled Foods Ltd we supply a full range of bacon products to a
variety of different restaurants, cafe's and shops. If you would like to order any of the
products please click below or give us a call on 02476 679 752.

Bacon Products


  • Prime Cut Sliced Back 2.27kg
  • Selected Sliced Back 2.27 kg
  • Selected Sliced Thick Cut Back 2.27kg
  • Standard Sliced Back 2kg
  • Prime Cut Smoked Back 2.27kg
  • Sliced Middle 2.27kg
  • Sliced Streaky 2.27kg
  • Sliced Smoked Streaky 2.27kg
  • Pre-packed Back Bacon 4.54kg
  • Pre-packed Back Bacon 200g
  • Pre-packed Smoked Back Bacon 200g

Whole Bacon Products

  • Danish Crown Bone in Gammons
  • Danish Crown Horseshoe Gammon
  • Danish Crown Primal Backs
  • Danish Crown Convertor Gammons
  • Danish Crown Skinless cook in the bag Gammons
  • Danish Crown Middles
  • Danish Crown Streaks
  • Double Oak Smoked Backs
  • Smoked Oak Streaks
  • Dry Cure Primal Backs
  • Smoked Horseshoe Gammon
  • Smoked Gammon Hocks
  • Plain Gammon Hocks
  • Sliced Gammon Steaks 8oz – 12oz
  • Corner Joints
  • Slipper Joints
  • Primal Collar

Cheshire Oak Traditional English Bacon

  • Dry Cure Primal Back
  • Dry Cure Smoked Primal Back
  • Dry Cure Sliced Back 2.27kgs
  • Dry Cure Sliced Smoked Back 2.27kg
  • Horseshoe Gammon
  • Sliced Streaky 2.278kg
  • Sliced Smoked Streaky 2.27kg

Cooked Bacon

  • Dew Valley Farmhouse Streaky 1kg
  • Dew Valley Crispy Streaky 1kg
  • Dew Valley Oven Cooked Back 1kg

In Varying Sized Packets To Requirements